Sharon Marie Tate...We Hardly Knew You!...

Sharon Marie Tate, only 26 years old was killed 40 years ago. Looking at these pictures it's hard to believe they were not taken yesterday. Unlike ones of ourselves they don't seem dated. Not even the clothes. Just chic.

What would see have looked like had she lived? Most likely her type of looks would have weathered like Julie Christie. Being athletic and active Sharon would have worked out, perhaps done aerobics in the 1980's like Jane Fonda.

She had the money for the best longevity creams. However, she had the genes of her Mother, Doris who was at best not an attractive woman as she grew older.

I've often wondered what Col. Tate saw in her to stay with her. He looks about 20 years younger than his wife (and 50 pounds lighter). So who knows for sure.

If Sharon had been alive today she would be a grandmother. Like Ali McGraw who also couldn't act, she would most likely have left the profession to start something else.
A stylist or a interior designer, perhaps.

She didn't get that chance. Neither did her baby who was almost full term. She was going to name him Paul. Her father's name was Paul.

One of her killers little boys was adopted and his name changed to Paul. Ironic.

If this tragedy hadn't happened, Sharon would be getting ready to help her son celebrate his 40th birthday. All those silly 'Over the Hill' decorations that are so tacky.

They went over the hill instead. I often think of them (and my own loved ones) being 'over the rainbow' or 'behind a veil'.

People have wondered about the state of the Polanski marriage. After all, almost all the killers have said that Jay and Sharon were in her room (she was in panties and bra, Jay in the horrible hippie clothes that were fashionable at the time).

I can't say. No one can. Her family certainly thought she loved Roman and to see the clips of him after her death, no doubt he is devastated. However, Sharon found a tape of Roman and another women in their bed and was hurt.

This hurt led her to have an affair right after she found out she was pregnant. I don't blame her. It is said that Roman had blasted her about becoming pregnant like it was her fault.

Perhaps he had the Elvis Presley syndrome and couldn't stand to touch a pregnant woman or be interested in a woman who had a baby.

Sharon must have been reaffirming her confidence with someone else in Italy.

Would they have stayed together? Probably not, as most Hollywood marriages seemed disposable. Something to be thrown away in a huff of jealousy or distance.

None of our business. Garretson, the caretaker, said he say Jay's car there night after night. However, Sharon had only been home a month and I think he had built up a drug relationship with Voytek Frykowski and Gibby Folger.

They were always holding and the scenery was wonderful to look while high.

After all the name of the estate was "Cieolo" or "Heaven". Not exactly apropos.

Sharon Marie was a hip young lady. Probably promiscuous, but in an industry that invites that type of behavior. In fact dictates it.

There are stories of a famous director, Sam Peckinpah and Sharon fooling around on a set, not using the wisdom of discretion. She was too beautiful to have the reputation of a casting couch cutie.

Often I've wondered about her taste in men. Laughable to say the least. A Frenchman who beat her up, a hairstylist who wore speedos, and finally a director who looked like a troll.

I asked my Mother, who is also a great beauty, about this phenomena. She said "Shyness, you want to hide your looks. You want to look like everyone else."

While everyone else wants to look like you. Amazing.

It's fun to watch Sharon on the Playboy interview using a breathy little girl voice.
There are other instances where that little small voice is gone. I wonder if she acquainted acting, Marilyn, etc. with a breathy tiny voice. Sounds reasonable.

>No one can imagine the sort of terror that Sharon Tate Polanski went through that fateful night in August, 40 years ago. It was all over in just a matter of minutes. Her career, her child, her marriage, her home - gone in the time it takes to watch an old TV sitcom.

Granted she wasn't the first celebrity to be murdered and won't be the last, but she is the icon of innocence vs evil. When she couldn't plead for the live of her unborn baby she started calling out for her Mother.

Her killers say "She sounded like an IBM machine, pleading over and over so I stabbed her to shut her up."

The other one says "She was a pathetic blond. I slashed her face." Incredible. Sounds impossible and beyond human comprehension but true.

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