Princess Strange and Stranger (Eugenie and Beatrice)...

It's always been an odd thing that Prince Andrew is the Queen's favorite child. I don't get it.

But you got to feel a bit sorry for him, he's always looked like he would rather be buggering a bloke and shows this by marrying a woman who looks like she can strap it on. That was horrible, but nonetheless a valid perception.

Can you imagine actually sleeping with someone who looks like Sarah Ferguson. However, he did because those girls are defiantly his.

She would have to shower before I would let her sit at my formal dining table, Princess or not.

It seems like the oldest one might be marching in her Mother's go-go boots. Do you really think that such a good-looking American guy would be interested in her fat self if she wasn't a Princess?

One of the things that attracted Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson was 'her sense of fun'. Evidently they thought it fun to throw buns at one another. Evidently they thought it humorous to see who could fart the louder.

Certainly it was a marriage made in heaven.

The Duchess of York was called the Duchess of Pork. Along with that moniker was the name "Bummerous" or one who is proficient at bumming just about anything from just about nnyone.

Too Common for words, said Princess Micheael, who at least has style without much humor.

Some girls have all the luck! These girls have some luck, but are unlucky to get their sense of fashion and style not only from their 'too common' Mother butthe same milinar that made the Queen Mum's hats.

I can hear the conversation now "Mrs. York, I have some leftover material for your daughters hats and I will be glad to give them gratis."

"Did you say gratis? Like I don't have to pay? Well of course, it would be a symbolic gesture of love to use the recylced feather of their greatgrandmother anyhow."

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