San Francisco Girls....Janis and Gracie...

Gracie and nemesis Michelle Phillips - hard to be jealous anymore, huh? Just glad to be alive.

I think people want their blues singers to be miserable...JJ

Janis died. The sought after ice queen, (whom Dave Crosby called The Chrome Goddess) retired in the 88. Still depressed. Still hard to smile.

Then she got old. So old I don't want to print her recent picture. But I did. Because she wouldn't care if I did. Evidently she doesn't care about growing old.

Of her body, she says, "It's all lumpy stuff with lines."

Ahem. Anything else?

"I think old people are scary," says the former hippie vixen. "They remind you of your own death. People don't like to tell you that."

But I rather remember Gracie the way she was - just like we have to remember Janis.

I'm very fond of drugs.
Things change so fast, you can't use 1971 ethics on someone born in 1971.

Janis never had the obsession of radical revolution. She was trying too hard for someone to love her. But Gracie made quite a name for herself. She was hell-bent on giving Richard Nixon LSD, but the Secret Service recognized her.

I always loved the story about her daughter China - urban legend has it that she told a nurse that her daughter's name would be 'god' with a little g - to keep her humble.

That's typical Grace Slick talk - she's always been the in-your-face arrogant rocker.
She quit not because she lost her voice but because she would soon be 50 and she thought rock and rollers over 50 look ridiculous. She might be right.

I don't know how I've kept myself looking the way I do - I haven't used much effort, but a great haircut and and Escada jacket can work wonders. Looking at Grace Slick I don't think she's been into the type of yoga or dance I've always done.

I might be getting old 'but I ain't lumpy'.

But that's her life. Maybe she has nothing to prove and never did. We have no idea how Janis would have weathered age. She didn't have the chance to hit 30.

Not gorgeous, not understated, not girl-girls, but unique, hip, chic. These two girls, one from Texas and one from Chicago gave the world the face and sound of the sixties.

I might be the first hippie pinup girl! JJ

I'm one of those regular weird people. JJ

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