Clapton is God.....

There is no one like old slow hand. He's the top cat and he's lived 8 of his 9 lives. My husband and I go to at least one concert every tour. No matter how expensive (hell, some people play golf, we go to rock concerts).

In a world where drugs aren't an option, smoking isn't an option, and eating is done sparingly why not go to see our favorite rock and roll stars - it's our only vice.

My husband is an Eagles fan. I am an Eric Clapton fan. Several years ago we he had "Robert Randolf and the Family Band" open for him.

Our wonderful friend, Billy Preston was on the keyboards.

That friendship got us into back stage and an 'all access' pass. I met everyone else, but I didn't meet Eric. He had his wife and children there and they were already on the bus waiting for the traffic to slow enough to leave for Miami.

Here is some of his family. He is married to Melia (sort of plain and simple, isn't she) probably more attractive in person. Here is little Conor that died so tragically. Here is Ruth, his oldest daughter. He has/had seven children by various women. Three are still small.

The last time I saw him he was sick. It was okay. He had Robert Cray with him and let Robert do most of the singing. They mostly just jammed. The audience was such he didn't need a big production. It was terrific.

Without dear Billy we were in the nosebleed seats. Doesn't matter. Eric was wonderful as usual.

He's become a family man. He's become clean and sober.

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awesome pictures you got here!


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