The Last Stars...Marilyn...Elizabeth...

Once again I'm a little depressed by the tired old face that I see,
Once again it is time to be someone, who's anyone other than me.

So whenever I feel that my place in the world is beginning to crash,
I apply one great stroke of Mascara to my rather limp upper lash.
And I can cope again, Good God! There's hope again!

'Cause when I feel glamorous, elegant, beautiful,
The world that I'm looking at's beautiful too!
When my little road has a few bumps again,
And I need something level to lean upon,
I put on my sling pumps again,
And wham! This ugly duckling is a swan!

Each time I face a morning that's boring and bland,
With you it looks good, with you it looks great,

Somehow you've put a permanent star in my eye.
Even the dead of Winter can feel like July.
I found a combination that works like a charm:

We are what we are and what we are is an illusion.
We love how it feels
Putting on heels causing confusion.
We face life though it's sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter;
Face life, with a little guts and lots of glitter.

You cross the thresh-hold and your bridges have been burned.
The bar is cheering for the Duchess has returned.

All week long we're wondering who
Left a green Givenchy gown in the loo.

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