The Princesses of Monaco...

Personally I've never felt more poor than when in the South of France. I thought Cannes was intimidating but then I went to Monaco.

Have you ever noticed how the pictures of Princess Grace stopped looking happy after her wedding? She was from Main-line Philadelphia but I'll bet she still felt 'poor'.

Princess Caroline is even more beautiful than Princess Grace. Princess Grace got a bit of avoirdupois as time went by - a few too many French pasteries and a tad of depression will do that to you.

Princess Caroline's daughter looks exactly like her. Princess Charlotte - hopefully she doesn't remember seeing her father blowing up in his boat right in front of her.
That was a trip. Princess Caroline was married to some gigolo, then the father of her children and now a Prince of Hanover. Those Germans can be stogie. I'd rather be single.

Princess Stephanie has always had a few screws loose. She thought she was a singer, she was probably driving the day her Mother and she had the wreck (or maybe yelling at her Mother) and then we all thought she was a lesbian.

Now she's married, chubby and looks like she hits on a crack pipe. It looks like she might be disinherited. I've never seen a picture of a princess buying groceries. It just isn't done. Even if one is broke, it would be better to ask a neighbor to pick you up some milk and eggs.

Now that depressed me. Her daughters are well, plain. The older one is thin with stringy hair, they call her Pauline. The younger one is huge and looks like she will grow up that way. Of all things they call her Camilla. Not good.

The Children...What About the Children...

Michael Jackson's children wished to see his poor little body after he died.

Prince, Paris, and Blanket...God be with you...(and also with YOU)...

Goodbye, Dad...He was a wonderful Father even though his brain had been hi-jacked by drugs. I don't care if the were not his biological children...I hope they weren't that horrible women's; all I care about is three little orphans wanted to see their Dad for the last time.

Their tiny eyes will never look upon him again.


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