Great Goddess of Hip

This is Owen's mystery father, Owen and Cass - if Owen wants to tell you his name, ask her!

Cass has lost over 100 pounds.

Her little Owen Vanessa. Leah and Russ raised her after Cass left us.

Just a couple of singing siblings - "Put your shirt back on...!"

This is the house where Cass lived in Laurel Canyon with her precious daughter, Owen Vanessa, across the street lived Gibby Folger.
Cass entertaining friends in Laurel Canyon. Here is an old fiance' Pic Dawson, Joni Mitchell, John Sebastian, Joe Butler, Gra Nash and a few others. She loved her daughter and so did her friends. Owen was a part of everything. This is Owen's father, a blonde session musician who was crazy about Cass. She didn't marry him for reasons I do not know. But Owen looks like him.

A good friend was Jimi Hendrix - Cass had many good friends. She was a great hostess.
Miss Cass Elliot

My brother, Michael, was the fan club vice-president. He could sing just like Cass -we would harmonize on Calironia Dreaming hour after hour.

I never got tired of Cass. I never got tired of Michael. He died when he was 35 and since then I've had to "Make My Own Kind of Music"


Anonymous said...

How do you know Lee Keifer is Owen Elliot's father? I have never seen this information published anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Really interesting. How did u acquire this information?

Anonymous said...

Lee Keifer is not my father.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you didn't keep it a secret, you wouldn't have to be dealing with speculation.

HellzBellz said...

Not reconizing Eric Clapton on the ,,Garden Party Pic,, ???

Unknown said...

I loved Mama Cass; Owen Vanessa know that you were your mother's heart,soul and world.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Day was Owen’s father. This has been stated since before his death in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Clapton is 2nd one in from the left, he's sitting next to Joni Mitchell who is sitting next to David Crosby who is wearing the hat.


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