Yancy grows up!

You can see how wild we were on that vintage vinyl.
Now look at precious 'daughter' Yancy.
When Yancy was a tiny girl her Dad had her image silk screened on a tee-shirt.
He raised her well. She's a bit normal for the rest of us, but that's okay - we will keep her!
Yancy, it wasn't easy for your adults to be rock and rollers, dancers, actors and other theatre misfits but you did a great job of restoring reason in a world of illusion.
A lot of laughter and creative but divine madness sometimes. It must have been hard living in the Village. The Village didn't have a lot of places to ride your little bike. No one around even had a schedule like the rest of the world - sleeping until almost noon - having 6p calls - matinees, openings, rehersals, closings (a world that flucuated inbetween insecurity and grandiose solidity), but you survived.
And you've done well.

Yancy Butler.

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