Odd and rare pictures regarding the Sharon Tate case...

A compendium of strange pictures. Included are Sharon sittin' on a rocket - and sittin' in front of the Rialto Bridge (Oft I have seen you on the Rialto)

Rubber-neckers waiting for a set at the trial.

These are rare pictures of the boyfriend of Gibby Folger - Playboy Do-Nothing No-Talent -

Below - the dagger given to Steve McQueen by Jay Sebring - Xmas 1968.

Sharon beautiful without makeup.

Roman should stick behind the camera - (Amadeus?)


Jeffrey James Ircink said...

i love your site, courtney. i'm following you now and i changed the contact email via my blog (is that how you emailed me?) to jeffbumbershoot43@gmail. email me then we stay in touch. funny - i'm a big fan of sharon tate's and i'm very inquisitive when it comes to the manson murders.

Jeffrey James Ircink said...

don't use weakknees@gbpackersfan.com - whatever you do. i need to go through and empty out my "in" box...it's full and it slows down my incoming message for a couple days.

courtney said...

I followed your vacation posts and enjoyed 'traveling with you'.

Glad you are safe and well and on your way back to the City of Angels.

Jeffrey James Ircink said...

courtney! thanks! there's more vacation posts to come - just haven't had time to get them all up. gimme your email again - i'm at jeffbumbershoot43@gmail.com

weakknees@gbpackersfan.com said...

it's jeff. why can't i find - while on your blog - the place for me to leave a comment? i only got there no by backtracking from a comment you left on my blog.

gimme your personal email. we have so much to talk about and i can't do it by leaving comments back and forth. mine is jeffbumbershoot43@gmail.com


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