Bizarre Photos of a Redheaded Wing-nut!

Poor stupid crazy girl gives redheads a bad name. (Not to say we already are not known for our eccentric ways anyway)

Can you imagine waiting around for the hygenically challenged Charlie Manson to get out of jail. Maybe someone should clue her in - HE'S NOT GETTING OUT - SQUEAKSTER!
Give it a rest...


Anonymous said...

Apparently you do not know Lynette. She now goes by "Red". She is one of the most intelligent people around. She is well read, articulate and above all, she is loyal to her friends. She is not like some of the others who resided at the ranch who now deem it necessary to turn on their old friends to have their 15 minutes of fame and/or make a buck selling lies.

courtney said...

No, I do not know Red. And I'm glad I don't. She scares me. She seems like what we describe her in the south as a 'pot ready to boil over'. But to see pictures with her with knifes nestled on her calves and guns in her hands are not my idea of a day of laughter with a girlfriend.

I do admire her loyalty and her intelligence. She writes very well, for instance.

Why is she called Red? Why is she determined to stay the course of a ship that has sunk?


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