Abiigail's Rabbit

The sweet rabbit on top of the mantle bed says that Gibby Folger was still a baby. She may have been a Radcliffe Graduate, gone to Harvard, fluent in French, well traveled and experimenting with life and drugs.

But like all of us that did survived, had she - she would have grown to be the advocate of the poor and homeless she was beginning to be.

Patricia Krenwinkle stopped her dead - dead and she lay dying on the grass outside of Sharon Tate's, never to look on this little rabbit again.


B.J. Thompson said...

Hey Courtney...your blog looks great! Have become a follower! If you would approve, I'd love for you to be an author on my blog and I'll glady be one on yours, if you wish. My email is burb2872@yahoo.com. Regardless, yours looks great and Fitzgerald is a literary idol of mine, too!

jadedjamie said...

Hi Courtney. I love this blog!!
Have not seen you on The Truth on TLB blog lately. Miss you!
These pictures are awesome.


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