George...Something in the way he moves...

George Harrison. My idol. He was the 'sincere' Beatle. That's what led him to Krishna.

I loved George. When I was junior high my Dad took Cheryl and I to see the Beatles on their 1965 tour. You couldn't see them (they were micro-dots) you couldn't hear them (all the girls were screaming, but just to breath the same air was well, awesome.

George finally got to have the child he wanted, Dhani. He looks just like George.
But there is only one George.

I like the story about George concerning what happened when he had an armed home invasion. (How the intruder got through the Hare Krishnas I don't know) Even sick with cancer and very thin George fought for his life and the lives of his family. They say the wounds he suffered hastened his death.

But I don't think so. He was at peace with the world and at peace with himself. His journey in this life was over. The Krishnas say to die is to live, just like Christians and our memories of George live on an on.

Every morning when I get up and look at the early morning sun I think "Here comes the sun and it's all right".

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