Miss Monroe - what did you have on when you posed?

Chanel Number 5 and the radio...

Sometimes we think of Marilyn as just a dumb blond - but I saw a story and pictures recently on Vanity Fair and she was everything but~

She was very witty -

I also heard that there were 8 millimeter films of her at the "Actor's Studio" (Streetcar Named Desire)in New York - but I know Mr. Strasberg was the largee of almost all of her works, photos et al - so if there were they were much too valuable to be shelved in a closet.

I think she was a smart chick who unfortunately had a horrible mental illness's that she tried to 'self medicate' but booze and pills only one thing from you -DEATH

Anyway, this redhead is her 'biggest' fan.

• Shelley Winters: If she'd been dumber, she'd have been happier.

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